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April 14, 2009 by Nanette BrownComments

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Today, the retail environment encompasses both the online and in store space. Improving your customer's experience requires continuous involvement in both spaces.

A >BNET article recently highlighted CVS's plans to improve to the online customer experience. CVS is pairing up with Google Health to provide customer's with a smoother and comprehensive experience with their health care.

CVS and Google partnership will allow customers to access their prescriptions, medical history, and MinuetClinic visit records through their Google Health Account. CVS could have created their own program, but realizing customers aleadry have an established relationship with Google, is understanding the consumers's needs. The partnership will hopefully attract consumers to use CVS as their one stop shop for prescriptions.

Front running retailer will work diligently towards meeting the customers online and in store needs. The online store front gives retailers the opportunity to fill the needs of web savvy consumers and build an attractive platform to draw consumers in store. CVS's move to work with Google Health Accounts is the right move to simplify using the digital and in store experience.

The key to online and in store customer experience is to listen to your consumers. Know what type of consumer shops in store or online, and then tailoring the experience. It's important both the online and in stores experiences are positive and reflective of one another.

What are the best expereinces you've had with a retailer onine and in store?

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Written by: Nanette Brown

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