Is Social Media an Appropriate Venue to Gauge Customer Experience?

April 5, 2011 by Nanette BrownComments

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Social media offers retailers a direct connection to consumers. When this connection is present, an open line of communication is formed between a business and their customers. Both can benefit from this relationship, but should there be lines drawn regarding what can appropriately occur on social media? Take assessing customer experience, for example.

Using social media for this purpose can have both pros and cons.

Pros of Using Social Media for Customer Experience Feedback

  • Social media encourages individuals to be open and voice their opinions
  • When one consumer voices an opinion in a public forum, others are apt to jump in
  • Word of mouth created by consumers may cause businesses to share best practices
  • Consumers can ask questions and reach out to consumers and get an assessment from real shoppers
  • When negative experiences are shared, retailers have the opportunity to publicly resolve the issue

Cons of Using Social Media for Customer Experience Feedback

  • There's the risk that dirty laundry will be aired, and social media users may only see one side of the story
  • Competitors might be aware of weaknesses

As a retailer, it's up to you to determine where you draw that line. You may choose to air it all online to benefit from social media, or you may encourage customers to provide extensive feedback in a private venue.

What's your opinion on this?


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Written by: Nanette Brown

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