Making In-Store Sampling A Consumer Hit

August 21, 2009 by Nanette BrownComments

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Consumers are naturally drawn to free trials. Brandweek published an article that reveals good news that in-store sampling boosts repeat purchases. Though the report proves it's worthwhile to offer free trials, brand managers need to measure the success of the promotion for real results.

We've conducted surveys that show the majority of event marketing promotions, such as in store sampling, are not conducted properly. Whether it's free samplings in a package, coupons, or in store promotions, your brand event success is determined by its performance with customers. Therefore, success depends on how well you "inspect what you expect."

Brandweek reveals consumers who sampled an item where 11% more likely to purchase it again. This presents amazing opportunities for brands to introduce new items or give a boost to current product lines. In order for the repeat purchase to happen, your brands even must be successful. So how do you measure the success of your event?

The best way to measure your event is through a third party auditor. Why? Third party's are expects at looking for specific details which may be unknown to brand managers or event marketing staff. Independent company who knows the industry and its complexities are best qualified to provide an unbiased evaluation of your program. With that being said, there are specific areas that a third party company should provide your brand with. They include:

1) Timely reporting of the data. Weeks and months should not go by for your brand to see the reports of the event. This is crucial period where adjustments and changes can be made to improve the next event. Simultaneously, the third party audit needs to occur during the entire event. Including pre and post event items. Partial audit of the last hour doesn't provide comprehensive data.

2) A clear understanding of the results. You don't to invest in any auditor to examine your event. You need someone who is an expert in your industry. Whether you're a CPG brand, Travel, Financial, or Hospitality. An expert's advice is well worth the investment.

3) Relevant formatting of the findings. A post even report has no meaning unless the findings are concentrated on the areas that directly affect the brand. Areas that is meaningful and significant for the brand's overall success.

Sampling and other event marketing programs can bring your brand to the front line of consumers. If you're going to count on making a presence with your consumers, count on measuring your events performance for best results.

For more information on our case studies and steps to ensure your event marketing is a success, refer to our white paper "Event Marketing For Brands"

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Written by: Nanette Brown

Executive Vice President and General Manager, Nanette continues to instill her passion for excellence across the organization, guiding the measurement, management and improvement of our clients’ customer experience.


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