Making NO delicious. Topping Dominos

April 13, 2012 by David RichComments

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Dominos Artisan Pizza

You can't have extra cheese, substitute or remove toppings or ask for thicker crust on Dominos Artisan pizzas. They won't do it.

That is part of a Dominos pizza with boundaries strategy on their four artisan pizzas.

According to their web site, they have spent years perfecting the thinner crust and toppings combinations. It will only take one taste for its customers to understand why they have to say "no" to adding different toppings to its artisan pizzas.

Bold move in the highly-competitive world of consumer pizza, but Dominos is confident setting boundaries, communicating them clearly to their customers via television commercials and training their employees to say "no" pleasantly, but firmly will pay off.

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Written by: David Rich

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