ICC/Decision Services Launches Springboard Process Ensuring Successful, Results-Driven Customer Experience Programs

Posted by October 11, 2010 by David RichComments

ICC/Decision Services, a NYC-based international Customer Experience Management company which counts many major North American retailers as clients, announces the launch of its Springboard Process today. Designed to provide the tools necessary for the successful launch and implementation of customer experience programs, the Springboard Process gives companies the confidence they need to embark on their customer experience programs.

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Shopping Lists Rule – Are You On Their List?

Posted by October 11, 2010 by myadminComments

Recent studies by the NPD Group tell us impulse shopping in grocery stores is down, list-making is up. 94% of households create a list and 72% rarely or never deviate from it. The thing then, is to be on their list. Women do most, but not all the shopping and about 40% of the list is contributed to by kids.

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Social Shopping - Is It On Your Radar?

Posted by October 8, 2010 by myadminComments

If Facebook were a country it would be the fourth largest in the world with a population equal to the United States. It has surpassed Google as the most frequented website in the world. The profile feature in Facebook allows for demographic sorting unlike anything advertisers have ever experienced and it’s about to be taken up a notch.

Get ready for social shopping. Humans are social animals, we’re wired to connect. Online and off, we connect around social objects. We’re both members of Boston University Alum. BU is the object. Two people love wine and meet in front of the Cabernet shelf, Cabernet is the object. Two guys have Harleys. Harley is the object of social connection.

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Big Opportunity in 2011 Prospering In Hard Times Through Customer Insights

Posted by October 7, 2010 by myadminComments

By: David Rich & Terry G. Vavra
While other are just surviving, check out our latest white paper on thriving in the retail sector in 2011 economy. Written by David Rich & Terry Vavra, learn how ICC/Decision Services establishes ROI in today's uncertain times.

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New Shopper Profile - Frugal is Trendy

Posted by October 6, 2010 by myadminComments

The current economy has changed the shopper profile. Years ago, department stores shoppers didn’t shop other channels. Today, being frugal and saving money is a trend. Consumers who previously wouldn’t think of shopping in the dollar store can be heard bragging about the great buy they got shopping in one on their way home from Nordstrom.

Consumer perception and ideas about brands are shifting. It’s no secret that branding sells products. A recent study by University of Miami professor Juliano Laran and colleagues reveals that a company’s brand name and its branded slogans can have opposite impacts on consumer behavior. Participants in the study’s five experiments were exposed to brands including Walmart, Sears, Home Depot and Dollar General, and to the slogans those brands use, such as Walmart’s “Save Money. Live Better” and Sears' “The Good Life at a Great Price (Guaranteed).”

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Five Mistakes Companies Make When Choosing a Mystery Shopping Provider

Posted by October 1, 2010 by myadminComments

Choosing a Mystery Shopping Provider can seem like a daunting task. There are many to choose from who all seem to offer more or less the same services. What are the best criteria to use when making your choice? Are there specific points to consider? Of course there are. Here are the top five mistakes many companies make when choosing a provider.

1. Conducting an RFP
In this case, the company turns over the job of choosing a provider to purchasing. Why not? They buy supplies, negotiate deals, handle vendors. But this is different. Purchasing does not have the necessary background and understanding of the mystery shopping process to take on this task. Your mystery shopping program, when done correctly, will literally touch every person in your organization AND your customers. This isn't the same as purchasing pens in bulk or negotiating a maintenance contract. Most programs with high turnover rates are ones in which RFP's are involved. Bottom line? Some things are just too important to leave to an RFP"¦your mystery shopping program is one of them.

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A Wellness Marketing Strategy That Works Well

Posted by September 2, 2010 by myadminComments

Wellness is alive and well in consumers’ minds, but what does that mean for retailers? And what do consumers mean when they shop with wellness on their mind?

According to research firm The Hartman Group, people have a broad view of the definition of wellness. When polled, 67 percent of participants defined wellness as “not being ill” and “being able to deal with stress.” More than 70 percent described wellness as “being physically fit” and “feeling good about myself.”

In an interview with Adweek, Shelley Balanko, VP of Ethnographic Research at The Hartman Group explains what retailers can take away from this study‘s results.

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Target Sells a Service Experience with its Electronics

Posted by August 31, 2010 by myadminComments

Even during the recession, the electronics business continues to be hot as customers consider things like cell phones a necessity.

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Women Pay Full Price at Ann Taylor

Posted by August 27, 2010 by myadminComments

It's no secret customers like a good sale, but a recent finding from Ann Taylor shows items can still sell--even with a full-price sticker.

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Recession Resets Consumers’ Priorities

Posted by August 24, 2010 by myadminComments

What does the customer want? It's a question retailers ask themselves all the time.

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