Shopper Intercept Interviews"¦Unlocking the Potential

June 4, 2009 by Nanette BrownComments

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Customer intercepts "¦ consumer interviews "¦ exit surveys "¦ regardless of how you describe them, Shopper Intercept Interviews are a powerful tool that can provide your business with priceless insights into customers' reactions to your stores.

Offering a great way to assess and analyze your consumer-facing processes, Shopper Intercept Interviews yield results that will immediately improve overall customer experience, as well as help you evaluate the performance of existing promotions, assist in your strategic planning, and increase your total Return on Investment "¦ all while escaping the traditional pitfalls of other qualitative research approaches.

But, right about now you're probably wondering"¦

What Is a Shopper Intercept Interview?

A Shopper Intercept Interview is a hands-on way for you to understand your customer better. With a shopper intercept program, qualified field representatives (trained interviewers) are stationed inside/outside locations to poll customers face-to-face. Customers can be targeted based on demographics, whether or not they made a purchase, whether they were shopping alone, as a couple or with children, or virtually any other specification you request.

Customers complete a short, meaningful survey, and the results are carefully analyzed by store location, chain, or individual visits. The goal of a Shopper Intercept Interview program is to translate the gathered data into actions you can take to improve your customers' experiences.

The shopping experience that your customers have, or (more importantly) the experience of those shoppers who left your store without making a purchase hold the key to your company's unlocked potential and untapped profits. That's where Shopper Intercept Interviews come in. They are a valuable tool for you and your business.

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Written by: Nanette Brown

Executive Vice President and General Manager, Nanette continues to instill her passion for excellence across the organization, guiding the measurement, management and improvement of our clients’ customer experience.


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