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October 12, 2009 by Nanette BrownComments

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Engage in the online conversation about your brand.

Discover how SMART™ can deliver valuable insights that can improve your customer’s experience.

The online world can be a confusing – even dangerous - place for your brand. The bewildering number of blogs, forums, message boards, and websites can make online reputation management and measurement seem like an overwhelming challenge.

But it can also be a gold mine of information to help improve your customer experiences.

Using ICC/Decision Services SMART™ (Social Media Assessment and Response Tool) program and integrated with Customer Satisfaction surveys, you can more than just monitor the conversation about your brand. You can become part of it, engaging with your customers online to gain valuable insights, observations and ideas that can build your brand and improve customer satisfaction.

The SMART™ customized solution provides you with a simple, proven, practical tool to help you tap into the online conversation about your brand. Mining the data effectively will help you gain valuable consumer insights, track the impact of your marketing campaigns, identify and respond to issues and engage with your customer.

Online reputation management – it’s happening for you.

A study by Forrester Research shows nearly two-thirds of today’s retailers are using online measurement tools to capture data and improve their brand’s reputation. And 22% are looking to the data mining opportunities offered by social media in the near future.

Social media is simply a catch-all phrase for the online content that millions of individuals are creating on the web every day – on blogs, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn and millions of other sites. If you’re not tapped in to the data that’s being created about your brand, you’ve lost significant control of your online reputation.

The results can be costly.

Social media gives your customers significant online influence over your reputation. A bad in-store experience with staff or customer service can quickly be shared with thousands of contacts. Customers can now consult thousands of people online to get their feedback on your brand – before setting foot in your store.

Data mining across all customer contact points.

Incorporating an online reputation management plan into your business is essential in connecting and learning from your customers. Together with traditional research tools such as surveys or focus groups, SMART can improve your reputation and your bottom line.

With SMART, you’ll be able to:

  • Become involved in your online reputation across all social media, including blogs, forums, social networks, photo-sharing sites, video-sharing sites, Twitter, and more.
  • Build stronger customer relationships and loyalty with quick, authentic responses.
  • Meet your consumer where they live, work and play on the web.
  • Optimize your strategies with actionable, real-time intelligence and up-to-the-minute data.
  • Influence the conversation, shape the experience and get the social web talking – all to benefit your online reputation.

SMART – a better online reputation measurement tool.

With SMART, we can help you develop action programs that will help you optimize sales and improve your online reputation on the web and in your store.

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Written by: Nanette Brown

Executive Vice President and General Manager, Nanette continues to instill her passion for excellence across the organization, guiding the measurement, management and improvement of our clients’ customer experience.


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