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March 22, 2011 by David RichComments

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STELLAService™ may not be your father's mystery shopping company, but dad is riding shotgun.

Most online startups approach their venture as something that will change the world, screaming out of the gate at full-speed down the track while promising to bury the old guys and the old ways. But the smart guys at STELLAService™ approached things just a little bit differently. They realized consumers don't have a purely online or offline experience with retailers but rather, meld the two together into a seemless experience.

Their product was also very different than other online "rating" systems for retailers. Mystery shopping is all about the quantitative elements of the shopping experience -- was it shipped on time, was it in stock when promised, did the product look like the photo, did the return process work as advertised -- the types of things that can be measured. All of the other online systems were measuring how consumers felt about the experience, not measuring what actually happened.

Recognizing the retailer needed one seamless mystery shopping source, they sought to partner with folks who had brick-and-mortar experience who understood the future was a combination of online and in-store, a company with common goals who is the leader in mystery shopping; ICC/Decision Services.

Now we have a partnership with them where we work together to comprehensively evaluate and benchmark the customer service performance for the online and brick-and-mortar channels. It's the best of both worlds; in-store and online in synch with each other.

At the core though, the customer wants the same thing, whether she is shopping online or in-store. She wants to be respected. She wants to be relevant. She wants to be heard. Whether in-store or online, retailers have those tools to be able to listen to and respond to their her needs in ICC/Decision Services and STELLAService™.

In recent news:
STELLAService™ raised $2 million in early stage funding from a syndicate led by Battery Ventures and DFJ Gotham Ventures. ICC/Decision Services president and CEO David Rich (@DavidJRich) and other angel investors also participated.

The funds will be used primarily for expanding the company's operations and marketing. Last year, STELLAService evaluated more than 400 e-commerce companies, and plans to amplify that to several thousand online retailers this year, according to Jordy Leiser, STELLAService’s co-founder and CEO (@STELLAjordy).

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Written by: David Rich

In more than a decade as President and CEO of ICC/Decision Services, David has grown the business into an internationally recognized customer experience management firm. In addition to ICC/Decision Services, David has started, bought and/or sold several companies in categories including the in-store demonstration, event marketing, market research, and social media space. He received his bachelor's degree from Syracuse University.


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