Three Ways Shopper Intercept Interviews Get the Job Done!

June 4, 2009 by Nanette BrownComments

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Shopper Intercept Interviews solve all of the projectability problems of focus groups while still offering a customer-centered format that allows an interviewer to ask broad questions with direct follow-up questions that capture the most important and relevant concerns of your customer.

1. Providing Accurate Insights for Brands or Agencies

As you know, Scan Data produces an objective overview of your customers' purchases, but it doesn'thelp you understand the "whys": Why this particular product? Why this particular brand? Why this particular time to buy? Or even why did a consumer not purchase a particular item?
Because they are conducted face-to-face with your customers in real-time, Shopper Intercept Interviews allow you do a "deeper dive" that answers all of these questions and more. With Shopper Intercepts you are on the frontlines of your business and are given uncensored front-row access into the mindsof your customers that an on-line panel could never do.

2. Complementing and Improving Your Other Customer Experience Tools

When you want to hear from your customer, Customer Satisfaction programs (e.g., comment cards, online feedback, phone surveys) are an excellent first step, but if you really want to understand the needs of your customers in real-time, these programs simply do not go far enough by themselves.
Shopper Intercepts are an invaluable way to gain direct and immediate insight into your customer shopping experience without the bias of passing time or the limitations of comment cards. Plus, Shopper Intercepts allow you to discover insights that simply cannot be captured by most comment cards, on-line or IVR surveys, or questionnaires.

A Shopper Intercept Interview would collect this additional information and allow you to truly respond to the needs of your customers. When you use only one type of experience tool, such as a comment card, the diagnostic and remedial information you need simply isn't available. However, by employing a Shopper Intercept Program in addition to your other customer experience tools, you can improve your total understanding of your overall customer experience.

3. Find Immediate Solutions "“ Even During Time-pressured Situations

Have your sales dropped off unexpectedly? You may have a theory as to what is happening, but how certain are you that your hypothesis is correct? When you can ask your customers directly with a Shopper Intercept Interview, there's no reason to undertake unnecessary risks because of a faulty assumption, especially when a Shopper Intercept project can be put into the field in little more than a few days

Shopper Intercept Interviews: The Bottom Line
What better way to learn about your customers' opinions than to ask them immediately during or after their shopping experience , while their opinions are fresh and their experiences are unbiased by passing time? Learn the truth about the perceptions your customers have about your brand. When you better understand the desires and motivations of your customers, you become more effective in serving their needs and, as a result, customer loyalty increases, your return on investment increases, and of course, your sales increase.

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Written by: Nanette Brown

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